Artist and photographer 

Konstnär och fotograf

Name:             Jenny Persson

DOB:               760109

Nationality:    Swedish

Phone:            (+46) - 70 - 583 53 69

Email:              jenny@konstfoto.com

Address:         Önevägen 40 F, 832 51 Frösön, Sweden


2005-present day 

Art, photography, graphic design and illustration

To create art within strict boundaries or limitations is what I do best. My aim is always to either step out of the box altogether or stretch the boundaries of it to the verge of breaking, still keeping within the breach.  I thoroughly enjoy working with site or subject specific art - my mind always ticks over when confronted with a brief for a photo shoot, book design, illustration or piece of art. 

Photographically I have two specialties: one is artistic, unusual and moodsetting photos - the other is precise, technical and accurate representation of an object, a person or an interior. They are each others opposites and maybe I wouldn't enjoy one of them as much if it wasn’t for the other.



Solo Exhibitions

2015 Galleri Ede 519 konst & musik ”Inveckling/utveckling” Ede
2013 Galleri Rådhusgatan 7 Marstrand
2013 Härke Konstcentrum ”I Väntan På Vind” Frösön
2011 Mimers konsthall ”från Havanna till Harestad” Kungälv
2006 Galleri Tängtorpet Ås
2004 Härke Konstcentrum ”Bild och Form” Östersund

Juried Exhibitions (Salons)

2020 one of 14 finalist in Swedish Form's  designcompetition "Omformera" at Retuna recycling mall Eskilstuna

2020 Gallery Backlund " Spring Salon" Gothenburg

2019 Excersishall norr ”MID-NORDIC SALON” Östersund
2006 Jamtli ”Graphic form in focus” Östersund
2006 Vintergarden Folkets Hus ”Konst åt alla” Östersund
2005 Kulturmagasinet ”Grafisk form i focus” Sundsvall
2003 Rifo- National photo exhibtion 1 accept Sweden
2001 Byham Shaw “Collaboration” London
2001 Quicksilver Gallery “Surface/ Rapture” London
2000 SKS vandringsutställning ”Departure” Churches in Jamtland county

Group exhibitions

2019 2018 2017 Ahlbergshallen groupexhibition fore regional open studios
2013 Landart by Locknesjön ”Clay or no clay- that is the question” Espnäs

2013 Gallery Koch "Southern Bohuslän open studio members" Stenungsund
2012 Mimer's Art Hall ”Light and darkness” Kungälv
2012 Järpen's culture house ”Three siters” w Johanna, Martin and Anna-Klara Samuelsson Järpen
2012 Nautic Hotel gallery Marstrand
2011 Rotor 2, Valand Art Acedemy "Contemporary Printmaking Gothenburg

2010 Gallery Backlund  Gothenburg
2009 Queen’s Gallery ”Art Sans Frontiers Festival 2009” Bangkok
2009 Wandering exhibition ”Art Sans Frontiers 2009” Thailand 
2008 Galleri KC  Göteborg
2005 Galleri Tängtorpet ”Personliga änglar” Östersund
2001 Galleri Blå Lampan “Då & nu” Persåsen

+ a number of other exhibitons in cafés, librarys and shops, fares and open studios.


Middlesex University

2000-2002 BA Fine Art 240/360p  (London)
Student exchange at FAMU (Prague, katedra fotografie) spring term of 2002

Östersund Art School

1997-1999 Fine Art Foundation (Frösön)


2011 Valand Academy -Contemporary Printmaking 7,5 university pts Gothenburg

2010 Mid Sweden University -Origami 8 university pts Örnsköldsvik

2010 University of Photography -Personal project course 15 univerty pts Gothenburg


2006 Lion's Art award
1999 the Ellen och Herbert Carlsson award


Svenstavik sport's hall for Berg municipality

2019 Unsplit Second: Odelad Sekund photographic installation

Motboken 1 for Fabös real estate concern

2007 3 entrances and stairway to a public building in Östersund


Östersund's municipality, Krokom's municipality,  region Jamtland Härjedalen, 
Folkets Hus och Parker, Thai Art Concil


5th international artfestival workshop in Thailand. Workshop participant. 14 days in Thailand & Laos with publically sponsered travel, workshops and exhibitions.


Art was always on the cards for me. From a young age, there really didn't seem to be any other choice. The medium has never been important, it's bending the rules and breaking the norm that really gets me going. I want to make people have a brand new experience. It may not be possible, but I believe you have to at least TRY to create something completely unique.

My rapturous relationship with photography began at age 16 when I got my first SLR camera, a Nikon FM . I always liked experimenting, shooting artistic photos, but I still didn't consider the result to be art. During years in art foundation, I did choose photography as a medium for a couple of my projects, but when I applied to University it was ink drawings and collages that got me there. 

But London city life made me restless, I didn't have the piece of mind to paint or draw, with the camera and in the darkroom inspiration came easy. The subjects where people and things from my everyday life, the camera was always at the ready. 

I shot photos in an impressionistic way to mimic the human gaze, with off-centered, cut-off compositions and I intentionally blurred the subject, either by shutter speed or dept of field. The style I've kept to this day, I call subjective documentary (I know, every photo is subjective, but people tend to forget that).

In 2002 I applied to, and got selected, as one of two people to do an exchange at FAMU school of photography in Prague. Always having access to a model in my fellow exchange student and housemate Olivia, I started seriously exploring the human subject in motion.

In the autumn of 2002 I moved back to Sweden and started up my own firm. My goal was to spend as much time as possible just doing my own art, but I realized I also enjoy mixing it up with bits of commercial work. The contrast between the two actually suits me really well, the more mechanical work like product photography, folder making and portraits is almost relaxing, and gives a bit of extra income. The creative projects requires a lot of brain activity, but it is incredibly satisfying.

I have my studio on an island called Frösön in northern Sweden. It's not huge but there's room for a photo studio, a section for creating art and a section for warm glass. My only regret is that it's not suitable as a darkroom, I really miss that!



Artist and photographer in northern Sweden

Spezialised in artphotography and mixed media. 

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