Unsplit Second I & II

Unsplit second: Public art installation Svenstavik's sport hall 2019

Sculptural photo installation with life size figures, captured in one whole undivided second, without splitting up or freezing the motion. Since this is a place devoted to motion,  I wanted to create something to energize both body and mind.

The two spaces are very tall but narrow at 3,3 x 4,6 x 1,5 meter each. Only a small part is visible from the doorways, once you are inside you get the full experience.

The central pieces are back-lit and acts as general lighting to an area that would otherwise be completely black and look like dark holes when vacated. When you enter the space motion detectors activates spotlights, highlighting the figures mounted on three levels:  directly onto the wall, on shaped MDF and on shaped PVC, hanging freely.

I'm happy it came out almost exactly as  my preliminary model, even though I had to make a few alterations along the way to accomodate for an internet access point and some other electronics. I actually made one of the figures balance on a cable run, it's almost better for that, even though it's a bit higher up than I originally planned.



Portraits captured in one slow-speed-shot animating the face, showing different sides.


Colour photography C-41, folded

A lusterous rapture in structure and surface, the magic of a flat image becoming sculptural. Most of the photos in this series are shot in London Belgravia, the grand buildings can sometimes be hinted in puddles of water or in the reflection of a car.


Photography mixed with oil, ink and/or watercolour

This body of work is strongly connected to a sense of place and a persons connection with it, the things and places I choose to photograph are often overlooked and not seen worthy of care and attention, but that is exactly what I want to give them. I'm not interested in sunsets and monuments, but in the small things that in themselves can be very grand indeed.  

A photo is always subjective and the photographer has made a number of choices.
Yet we tend to look at photos and think: that's Harestad church, forgetting that it's only a representation "Ceci n'est pas une pipe".

The  traces of the hand acts as reminder that a photograph is indeed depentant on a reality, but there is a person behind the camera setting the agenda, calling the shots.


An inner monologue created by use of slow shutter speed developed with liquid silver gelation emulsion on canvas primed with watercolour.

SPRING  a sketch I would love to realise in full scale!



Artist and photographer in northern Sweden

Spezialised in artphotography and mixed media. 

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